A story of freshness

Nuba is dedicated to creating holistic abundance in skin, mind, body and spirit. Unlike other Commercial brands which contain harsh chemicals and colorants,Our products are handcrafted using the best all natural ingredients, infused with positive energy and love.

Our clients leave feeling confident in their skin and trust that our products bring them the best that Nature can offer.

So why not trust a Caribbean, Female owned brand with the results to show for amazing natural beauty. 

Why Nuba Caribbean products?


Founder and owner of Nuba Caribbean, Anisa is determine to create abundance in everything she does.

" Nuba was an idea since  2016 and to see it come to life is a dream come true. I believe that anything you bring into your environment should make you feel great, be of the best quality and a solution to an issue you may or may not know you had. My tribe deserves the best and everyone who comes to Nuba gets abundance in every way possible.

We keep it plant based and sustainable protecting mother Earth who gave us the resources to provide the herbal medicine we provide.

I am truly grateful." 

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