How to be a Boss babe and live your best life.

Updated: Jan 5

Life of an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart, however, it can be totally worth it. The hustle begins somewhere for each of us. Whether it was the decision to leave your 9-5, wanting extra money on the side or a passion and yearning that could only be fulfilled by being your own boss.

As budding hustlers we forget to take time to cherish our achievements and love ourselves.

Here are some tips to enjoy the self employed life without running yourself into the ground:

Planning isn't Everything

Having the right plan for success is a means to guide yourself and your actions in the direction you'd like to go BUT it is not everything. Leaving room for the Universe to work in your life is a huge part of your success story. Like my best friend says, you can plan to the moon and back but whatever is meant to happen will.

Allow space and time for the unplanned spontaneous things life throws at you and be patient with yourself as you grow through your experiences.

Know your Circle

When I'd just conceived the idea of my business, I was so excited for it that I told all those important to me. Though they were happy for me, it wasn't met by the same enthusiasm. I did the one thing a new boss babe would do : immerse myself in entrepreneurial Ted talks, motivational videos and self help books. This changed my paradigm on life and since I was growing I wanted those around me to grow too. I shared all the things that I was learning and then expected my loved ones to play a role that was not apart of their journey.

I wanted my buddy to be my business adviser, my parents to be my foundation and my then fling to be my support. Yes, I know , it's quite misguided to expect this but I thought because I was growing and sharing they'd all jump on the Train To Success with me.

Learn to separate your system into sections:

  1. Your buddies you hang out with

  2. Your support system

  3. Your gurus or people who inspire you

  4. Your business partners or colleagues

This way you allow the ones you love to shine in the fields they do best. There is not a one size fits all for each person and so in sectioning them you are able to enjoy and appreciate that person for who they are not who you want them to be.

Celebrate and LET GO

I'd never forget the day I sold out for the very first time. It was my very first batch of soaps and they were completely finished within one week. I was so excited I cried and something clicked in me: I needed to feel that again ( minus the tears). I got addicted to the feeling of just wanting more and continuously comparing my current situation on my past results.

That's all fine and dandy but it made me depressed whenever i did not achieve and surpassed my past target. It came to the point that I was no longer satisfied and forgot to celebrate the little things looking for the big one.

Your past does have impact but you can choose who you are now. I realized that by celebrating my minor achievements and letting go of it just as quickly, I looked forward to reviews more, I did not feel the need to continuously look back on who I was and I admired myself.

It is okay to look back on the growth of your business but it is not healthy to continuously comparing yourself to the point you are hurting you. Remember the person you were then, the experiences you had and the wisdom you gathered along the way changed you even in the slightest. And with changes there are fluctuations to redirect, improve or to tell you to cut off something out of your life.

Take the time to love your changes and growth because no matter how long you are in business for, as long as you are alive you are growing and changing.

I am still growing in my business; it's only six months in (as at Nov 2019 when I initially wrote this). I'd continue to share the things I have learnt and grown from in business and in life. Look out for more boss babe tips and remember the journey is the only path to success. Peace love and abundance Nuba Tribe.

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