You may feel at times that you need to be certified to understand what is the best products for your skin and what they are for. The one item we have seen being mislabeled and not well understood is a facial serum. What's all the hype behind these little drops of gold and is it really worth the cost?

What is a serum?

A serum is the O in H2O, the channa to your doubles and the sunrise to your morning. It is an essential product used in tackling specific skin issues such as acne, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

Serums are used to give your skin the nutrients it needs to heal itself whilst proving hydration for your skin. Most handmade serums use essential oils, concentrated herbs or other concentrated oils or gels to feed your skin all that good good so it can revitalize, strengthen and have a glow that's ASTRONOMICAL!

What is a face oil

A face oils is a general combination of carrier oils and may use one or two herbs or essential oils to give good coverage but would not be as concentrated as a serum. It will have it's benefits but it's more for general use than for targeting specific issues and usually doesn't have the amount of product a serum does

Is the price worth it ?

Most commercial serums range from $14USD+, organic serums $26USD+ and handmade organic serums $30USD+. This is because most of the ingredients are expensive and those little bottles are filled with the herbs and nutrients the equivalent of a 6oz bottle of face oil.

Serums would usually have better results in a shorter period of time than a face oil.

Why you should not mislabel your product?

Just imagine going to a store and purchase a rich devils food cake expecting it's Belgium chocolate goodness only to open the box and get a Goodie (Twinkie). Not great right.

Having a customer buy a product they think would give them the same results, feel and has the same quality as a serum and it's actually a face oil is very misleading and can give actual serums a bad rep.

How do I use it?

Due to the concentration of ingredients, a face serum is recommended to use at night 30 mins before bed.

To use our Glow Baby Serum After your full skin care routine:

  1. Use 1-5 drops of the serum on your face

  2. Massage gently in an upward circular motion on your face and neck

  3. Say positive self affirmations while you're massaging

Informing yourself and your customers of your product and what it actually is, would be much better than calling it something it's not. Not every serum or face oil is made equal and as a customer you should get informed on a product as much as you can before purchasing.





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