Nixi Rose is the premium healing of cannabis infused with our ever potent positive energy and love.


Benefits include: 


1. Aids in pain relief, reduces swellings making it ideal to help with bug bites, scratches and other skin abrasions/ irritation.


2. Contains vitmain A, C, D and fatty acids which help to relieve itching an inflammation associated with eczema and psoriasis. 


3. Help with skin aging, neutralizes free radicals and keeps skin tight. The vitamins help to protect the skin against sun damage, smoke and other environmental pollutants


4. Anti-bacterial, fades dark marks, pretects against UV rays and reduced the appearance of spider veins.


Overall relieves pain while addint to the beauty and health of skin and smells divine.



Nixi Rosé Massage Oil


     Store in a cool dry place keep away from direct sunlight.



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